The most widely used smartphone app in the Social Housing Sector
Having worked with over 200 Housing Organisations we’ve experienced first-hand the issues faced by Housing Professionals. Panda Media’s smartphone app has been
developed in conjunction with our clients and their residents in order to improve
tenant services, whilst fully considering the importance of value for money.
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  1. Improve Communication...
    Residents all over the country are using IHome to talk to their Landlord
  2. Accurate Reporting...
    Using photographs and GPS
  3. Cost effective...
    iHome lets your residents pay there rent easlily on the go
  1. Darren Wood - Communications Manager, WM Housing Group
    "Opening up as many digital channels and online options will be key in communicating with our customer base over the coming years. The ease of working with Panda Media, coupled with the relatively low costs involved, makes this an excellent option."
  2. Ceris Esplen – Marketing and Partnerships Business Partner, Wulvern
    "Panda Media's smartphone app offers an exciting new communication channel which enables our customers to 'self-serve' in a quick, responsive and safe way. This supports their independence and minimises the impact on our customer service centre. Offering our customers a way of contacting us which is free of charge, is another major benefit of the app."
  3. Steve Finegan - Head of Business Effectiveness & Communications, Northwards Housing
    "It's been a pleasure working with Panda Media on the iHome app for Northwards. Smartphones are fast becoming the standard for mobiles, so as increasing numbers of our tenants and their families get hold of this exciting technology, we hope our app will serve as an extremely convenient and easy-to-use way of communicating with us."
iHome - the smarter way to deliver resident services
Thousands of residents across the UK are now using iHome, a comprehensive tool that enables them to access services via their smartphone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It’s free for them to download and can be used to;
Each organisation Makes iHome there own